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Re: Sedsat birthday greeting.

Hey Steve and all

I wish that had been SEDSAT.  It is just too darn bad that the uplink is bollixed forever now. 

However, SEDSAT has downlinked 16 months worth of telemetry data on the performance of several space electrical power system parameters.  The Nickel Metal Hydride batteries on SEDSAT were experimental and have recieved terrible abuse due to the slightly power negative situation on board.  This actually has been a boon to the NASA guys that put them on board so that their performance could be monitored.

Thanks to folks like Tim Cunningham and Mineo Wakita we are still getting that data and along with the performance of the GaAs solar arrays and the general power system performance we have validated the satellite basic design.  Also the thermal control system on board continues to produce very nice and calm temperature deltas that also validate that portion of the design.

With the exception of the imaging system and the use of the transponders the SEDSAT satellite is a success.  The graduate theses and other work that we have been able to validate on orbit are all pretty cool to me.

Thanks to everyone who has helped and congratulations to the SUNSAT team!

Dennis Wingo

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