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RE: M2


They didn't clue me into what the polarity switching board or relay would be
like. He just clarified to me that we were working on it and that they
wanted to pick up where KLM left off. That guy Wyatt from M2 is there
marketing guy and he has to justify spending the money to design it. If
enough people ask for it, I'm sure that M2 will move a little faster. He
also informed me that that the polarity switching would be a retro-fit
change. It will involve changing the driven element on each antenna and
adding the new element assembly. He was hoping for cost somewhere between
$75 - $100 for assembly.

Hope this helps!

73, de Ken, N2SMT

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appreciate the info on M2,I have same setup here but waiting for the Rf
to be delivered then some clear Wx to climb tower.I'm also interested in
polarity switching board. Wonder what type cable your using on Ants.

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