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Re: Chicken Little...almost.

T5z4@aol.com wrote:

> Well,  21:38z was the landing time posted on STS-99s mission web site, but
> I see they have now come forward with a new proposed time.  So for those of
> you
> in the eastern states that I had mentioned in my previous posting, a possible
> flyover somewhere within those areas may still result from Endeavor's reentry
> and return from this high inclination mission,  Again this is just a guess,
> but
> those area 10 to 15 minutes out prior to landing along their arrival path may
> be in for a mild sonic boom or even a sighting of some sort of trail in the
> daytime sky.  So here is the new landing time as posted on this mission's web
> site; 21:52z.
> It'll be interesting to see on NASA TV what areas will be covered by this
> unusual
> return flight path.

They are showing a rough N to S track that will take them over Michigan ... KY, TN ... and then into a left entry into
the HAC at Kennedy ... but the weather is bad .... the track for Edwards is W to E .... with a right entry into the HAC
.... all of that may change with winds ... looks like Edwards so the floks on S. Cal should get a nice show ..


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