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Re: [htaprs] Kenwood 9600 Packet Radios

On Mon, 21 Feb 2000, Robbie Robertson wrote:

> > Sorry, this is because the TNC that Kenwood used was designed only for
> > single packet mobile data.  The TNC has MAXFRAME of 1....
> > P.S>  I wonder if this is also true of the D700?  That would explain
> > poor performance in CONNECTED uplink transfers with the PACSATS!

> No it isn't Bob.. As I read the D700's Tnc Command List, Maxframe is
> default to 4 with a parameter of 1-7..  Also, I read it as "Maximum
> number of packets to be transmitted at one time."
> ... we [may-be] talking about two  different things:
> * Jari sez, his TH-D7 sends ack every 2nd packet it receives.
> * Whereas you are talking about Maxframe...

Thanks for looking up the MAXFRAME in the D700.  That is good news.

But back to the THD7, although it is in general a TRANSMIT commmand, it
could have something to do with internal BUFFER size, and so it might
only ACK one packet at a time and not wait for as many as 7 before sending
a combined ack.  But you may be correct.  It may only affect transmit, but
it was the only thing I could think or that 1) is different about the THD7
than conventional TNC's and 2) that may cause the effect he was seeing..?

I would love to learn more about it too..  anyone?

de WB4APR, Bob

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