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Re: HF vs. Sats

Hello Frederick.

21 Feb 00 19:06, you wrote to ALL:

 FS> Both satellite and HF have their place in ham radio.

I think this is the fundamental point that can be easily missed.

 FS> What we ought to be doing with HF is developing better data modems
 FS> (PSK31, MT63 are a *great* start).  Systems like HAM ALE would also
 FS> be a great project to get running....

And better techniques for transmitting voice, whetehr that be digital, or
analogue with the assistance of DSP technology to clean up the signal (digital
might benefit more because of its more predictable waveforms).

 FS> What we ought to be doing with SATS are developing high speed doppler
 FS> resistant data (yes, even wideband and spread-spectrum stuff).  With
 FS> the proliferation of computers, any analog data can be encoded and
 FS> passed digitally.

My personal opinion is that we aren't doing enough with higher speed digital
transmission (and the resulting audio/video possibilities) in general, from HF
to microwave to satellites.


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