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Re: Re: [sarex] MIR

Hello Tony.

22 Feb 00 21:51, I wrote to Frank Grossman:

 TL> Hello Frank.
 TL> 21 Feb 00 14:17, you wrote to Jon Ogden:
 FG>> Also, the term "big antenna" is relative.  For those of us who
 FG>> live in apartments even a 15 meter dipole is "big" if we're
 FG>> restricted from tossing wires out our windows.  I can manage it,
 FG>> barely, at my
 TL> Well, for me, "tossing wires out of a window" is almost pointless, due
 TL> to the very low elevation.
 FG>> outside on the Coney Island boardwalk and work the Easy-Sats.
 FG>> And I
 TL> True, I do much the same myself - wander the streets working SO-35.
 TL> :-)
 FG>> may be able to take an FT-847 and Arrow outside too, if I can
 FG>> find a way to power it without lugging around a marine battery.
 FG>> <s>  (Can an 847 run off a Power Station battery pack?)
 TL> I have 2 portable SSB rigs (1 2m, 1 10m) and a 2m - 70cm transverter.
 TL> One more transverter, and then add the 18Ah gell cell and lugging
 TL> around SSB gear isn't a problem for me.  In fact, with the addition of
 TL> L and S band transverters, that's how I plan to work P3D.
 FG>> I've considered HF operation on the boardwalk too, but stretching
 FG>> wires all over the place may piss off the local gendarmerie.  <s>
 TL> But a magnetic loop would be practical and quite effective.  One local
 TL> here worked Europe on 20 metres from a loop _inside_ his flat!  Only a
 TL> couple dB worse than a dipole on 20m and compact size isn't bad if
 TL> you're stuck for space.  I might build one for 80m and store it in the
 TL> yard.
 TL> HF is not a dead loss for those with limited space, but it is more
 TL> difficult.
 FG>> They're easy to work but were they easy to design and build?  I
 FG>> suspect the real contribution to "the radio art" was made by
 FG>> building them.  And the prestige of those who do good ones is no
 FG>> doubt greatly
 TL> Indeed, the builders of these sats do an excellent job.
 FG>> enhanced.  How many of us would ever have heard of the Electronic
 FG>> Systems Laboratory at the University of Stelenbach in South
 FG>> Africa if there was no SunSat?  (Great job, Johann!)
 TL> I wouldn't have, for starters.  Now, I'm quite familiar with it, and I
 TL> second the congratulations. :-)
 TL> Tony
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