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Re: AO-27

Hi Steve,

I've only been on AO-27 twice now. Both times using a hand held Arrow-II. Once
with an HT (TH-79 and once using my TM-V7 and a Diamond duplexer. The Arrow
duplexer will handle 10watts, but I didn't want to take the chance of letting
it's smoke out with a mis-set on the V7. Still used only 10 watts out on the V7
- plenty enough). Both radios worked very well.

Receive gain on this antenna is sufficient - no need here for pre-amps or
anything else. The key for me is being able to twist the antenna for phase
match. It does change during a pass. I can totally loose or re-gain the signal
by twisting upto 90 degrees. Much easier to do with a hand held antenna.

When I was in Allen's shop picking out my AO-27 setup, I went in with the idea
of setting up a matched pair of 70cm beams on my existing tower. Figured one
vertical and one horizontal would 'cover the bases'. He told me that the other
guy with me that had just purchased one of his hand helds would have better
reception than I would have with a matched pair of beams. I went with the hand
held and have the added advantage of being 'AO-27' mobile as well!


Steve Howland wrote:
> I have a 7 element 440 yagi and I was wondering ;  if I flipped it to
> the horizontal side , would AO-27 have a better receive signal or would
> it be better to have a pre-amp  and less elements ?   Thanks
>   KF4FQT- Steve

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