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RE: Anyone FT-847 ....


First, go to http://www.en.com/users/rayd/ft-847/index.html which is the
unofficial users' group.  They have a great FAQ which answers most of your
questions.  If you can't find it there, ask on the discussion session.  This
business about the 1200/9600 baud selection only changing the required drive
level is still being thrashed out, so on that at least there isn't any info
there yet.

The DATA port is optimized for baud rates below 1200.  So use that for 300
baud, SSTV, PSK31, etc.  I also have a DSP-2232, and set it up so you can
switch port 1 to the PKT 9600 and DATA out, with the appropriate resistors
to set the drive level.  I ran the port 2 to PKT 1200.  Additionally, I set
up some switching to route the computer sound card to the DATA port.  (Not
at the same time!)

A few more considerations.  The RX and keying lines from the PKT and DATA
ports are always live.  However, the TX line from the PKT port only works on
VHF/UHF.  The DATA TX line is only good on HF.  The DATA audio seems to be
line in all modes.  I haven't tried the PKT lines for anything except FM

Nice radio, but they seem to have made at least a few things needlessly


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