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RE: [aprssig] APRStk ver K04 posted

On Sun, 20 Feb 2000, n1iic Jason Greene wrote about APRStk..

> Are there any plans to support any other rigs i.e. the IC-706?

Probably not.  The Kenwood with its built in 9600 Baud TNC and front panel
displays of packets makes for an all-in-one Satellite and APRS
Communicator. APRStk was written just to allow routine APRS operators to
both watch the  local 144.39 APRS activities while also being aware of
satellites  overhead that are UIdigi capable.  

There are many other satellite programs that probably do a better job and
will control your whole station for satellites. ..  But they dont do APRS.

de WB4APR, Bob.  If there was a need, I would be happy to look at it...

> APRStk combines APRS monitoring, Satellite Tracking, and Automatic radio
> tuning for the Kenwood data radios so your old DOS PC in the corner can
> keep you informed of everything that is going on on your local APRS
> frequency and any of the digital or FM satellites.
> This latest version K04 fixes the bug that limited automatic tuning to
> only the HT.  Now either the handheld THD7 or the TM-D700 can be used.
> de WB4APR
> Normal upgrade:   ftp://tapr.org/aprssig/dosstuff/APRSdos/astk-exe.zip
> Complete install: ftp://tapr.org/aprssig/dosstuff/APRSdos/aprstk.zip
> Always install with PKUNZIP -dn or WinZIP.
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