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RE: ao-27

Ok, Murphy got me this morning, (Found out my radio wasn't modified for
MARS/CAP) and this prevented me from listening on 436.800..  I have sinced
clipped the green wire, found it to have worked, and will be ready for the
9am pass tomorrow..  (Only hoping they cancel that meeting I'm supposed to
be at.)  I see the only other pass is for 11am for me, so I might have
better luck at that one.  I will put my 50 Watt mobile in the truck tomorrow
for transmitting.  This should make it a bit easier than 5 watts to hit the
bird.  Welp.. Until tomorrow..

73,Dave N8KXA

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From: jim hertel [mailto:stanara@wac.com]
Sent: Monday, February 21, 2000 10:43 AM
To: David M. Tipton, PhD
Subject: ao-27

good morning ,
I hope this gets to you be fore the pass..
try this ...
downlink freq. is 436.800 for voice
805 to 795 you may have to shift to copy while bird passes over.
transmit freq. is 145.850 , I have not had to move my transmit freq. for
the doppler affect
but have found that I need to move the receive some. At first start you
may hear the bird on
436.805 and as it's pass continues to where the bird is at 25% of the
horizion,  it may drift to the 800 freq. as the pass starts moving to
the end of the pass it will drift to the 795 and even down to 790
hope to hear from you on the bird....
I work this bird mobile, I drive a 18 wheel tanker truck. deliver wine
to the wineries here in the california wine country..
so listen up for ya...

Jim Hertel,  n6kmr
Stanara@wac.com   ...Personal
n6kmr@modesto.n6kmr.ampr.org  ...Ham radio
n6kmr@n6kmr.#ncca.ca.us.noam  ...Packet Radio

I think this is enough...

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