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Cost of entry (was: Re: [sarex] MIR)

MarkG wrote:

> I'm not talking basic nor outlandish, I'm talking what I see as a reasonably
> consistent proposted station. Current ads have $1500 for an '847, $300 a pop
> for pre-amps, $700 a pop for transverters and another $900 for a brick. Toss
> antennas, feedlines and rotors onto that plus whatever blood and sweat is
> required to get it all working and you can get a signal there and back...

If that was the only way to solve the problem, we would indeed have a
problem. But it isn't: if you're prepared to improvise, scrounge, and
put some stuff together from kits or from scratch you can get on the air
for a fraction of the cost. And, IMHO, have a lot more fun.

I'm told that many hams did this sort of thing at one time. When I look
at ham radio now I find this hard to believe.

Oh, BTW: would people please look up "rhetorical question" before
me on the economics of cell phones?
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