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Call me Chicken Little, but....

It looks to me as though eastern Kentucky / Tennessee, the western
Carolina's, central Georgia and the eastern coast of Florida may be 
treated to some of the effects of Space Shuttle Endeavor's arrival 
Tuesday afternoon between 21:20 till touchdown at 21:38 UTC at
KSC's Shuttle Landing Facility.  This is just my own observation with
tracking software and looking down the road a bit at STS-99's orbit.
This mission has been flown on what I believe may be the highest
inclination orbit of a shuttle.  One other mission that I can remember
did produce an arrival flight path that included an overfly of similar
territory.  However this will not be the case if the deorbit burn is for 
any other landing opportunity other than that planned  for 21:38 UTC.
It just looks to me as though there will be a lot of right hand turns
involved in their normal aerobraking maneuver if they are to establish
a ground track that takes them to KSC.  Anyway, if all works out for
an on time landing, these eastern most areas may be treated to sonic
booms and possibly a nice visual on the reentry ion/contrail...Something
to look forward to with or without clear skies anyway...check it out.
73 de Steve
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