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Low cost stations/Arrow duplexer

In a message dated 2/20/00 12:54:49 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
KC7ZRU@cyberhighway.net writes:

> Look for model no. 146/437-10 - you'll also need the duplexer, model 10W -
>  unless you already have one or are using 2 radios. Even though it is 'one'
>  antenna, it does have separate feeds for 2m and 70cm.

I've set up a section on my ham web page (at the end of the AO27 section) 
that has information about building the KI0AG micro duplexer which is the 
Arrow Model 10W duplexer mentioned above.  If you're up for the challenge of 
soldering together a few surface mount components, you can build the board 
yourself.  I built one a few weeks ago and have been using it since.   I have 
a .dxf file of the artwork located there as well.

I have two Arrow antennas, one I mount on camera tripod for use with my FT847 
and the other which I use with the HT.  I don't need a duplexer for the one I 
use with the FT847 but decided to build a microduplexer for that antenna just 
for instructional purposes.  

For more information see:



Lee Devlin, KØLEE  (K0LEE)
Greeley, CO
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