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Re: Re: [sarex] MIR

Arrow hand held antennas can be found online at:

Look for model no. 146/437-10 - you'll also need the duplexer, model 10W -
unless you already have one or are using 2 radios. Even though it is 'one'
antenna, it does have separate feeds for 2m and 70cm.

Heck you can even use a 2m HT for the uplink and an ordinary Radio Shack or
Uniden scanner to monitor the downlink! You can skip the dual band HT if

One of the many links for info on what birds, what modes and freqs can be found
on my web site (URL in sig block)- click on the satellite link and look for the
weekly status update near the top. Better yet, goto http://www.amsat.org and
subscribe to the ANS newsletter direct!


"David M. Tipton, PhD" wrote:
> Hmmm, fascinating.  I have a Kenwood TH77 Dual band hand held, though I'm
> not sure what an Arrow Antenna is..  6 feet of Coax, no problem.  Tell me
> more, I'm now quite interested.
> Dave
> PS- Could you be a little specific about what birds, etc?  I'm truly a
> novice at this.  I do have win orbit loaded, so I can view paths and what
> not, but not sure what or where to listen.

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