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RE: Re: [sarex] MIR

Hmmm, fascinating.  I have a Kenwood TH77 Dual band hand held, though I'm
not sure what an Arrow Antenna is..  6 feet of Coax, no problem.  Tell me
more, I'm now quite interested.


PS- Could you be a little specific about what birds, etc?  I'm truly a
novice at this.  I do have win orbit loaded, so I can view paths and what
not, but not sure what or where to listen.

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"David M. Tipton, PhD" wrote:

> Hmmm.. I'm trying to put together an AMSAT Station now, how can I get on
> $500??  I'm ready with Checkbook in hand. :)
> Dave, N8KXA
> -send me your 500 bucks and I'll send you a complete station......

1- ht dual bander,
6 ft of coax,
1- arrow antenna.
Then you can stand out in a field and have fun....
better yet, sit in your rv rec area, and hook up that tripod to the arrow
have fun..
Jim Hertel,  n6kmr
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n6kmr@modesto.n6kmr.ampr.org  ...Ham radio
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I think this is enough...

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