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Re: Re: [sarex] MIR

Much deleted
> While it costs money to get on any mode, a basic but serviceable
> L/S station shouldn't cost more than a tenth of that.
> Sadly, the notion that high-tech == high-cost remains as wide-
> spread in AMSAT as in other areas of ham radio. Makes me
> wonder how manufacturers can roll out high-tech equipment
> like portable digital phones, charge the pittance they do,

More deleted

I have nothing but respect for all the people in this thread, but back in
"the old days" when my homebrew mode B stuff was high tech.  I used to argue
to the ends of the earth that it was not high cost.  Then I finally learned
that 90% or more of the amateur community is not interested in converting
surplus stuff to ham use and / or rolling their own.  We are the exception
not the rule.

The reason the phones etc. are so cheap is they are produced in quantity and
the people selling them realize the money is in the monthly fees not the
hardware.  This is the same reason companies are all but giving away
computers as long as you agree to pay their monthly internet connection

Mode A will always have a place (fill a need) in the satellite service.  It
is the place where a moderate expenditure can purchase off the shelf
components allowing satellite contacts.

My Opinion Alone,
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