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RS-13 test and mystery VK6

Hello All.

Was working RS-13 tonight between 21:55 and 22:07 (10:55 - 11:07z) Melbourne
time with another local station, to test my station and introduce him to
satellite operation.  The tests went wll, though I could do with a few minor
improvements to the setup.  Anyway, just as we wound up, a VK6 popped up on the
bird, but unfortunately, I lost the bird a few seconds later, so was unable to
complete a contact.

I will be QRV again on the next pass (23:45 approx Melb time - 12:45z) on
29.486, and again tomorrow, Mon Feb 21st on the first pass after 10PM Melb time
(11:00 UTC).

Once I've got a better idea of my capabilities, I should be QRV most weeknights
on RS-13 after 1100 UTC.


Tony  VK3JED.

.. Have U ever been promised unrealistic technological advances? U will!
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