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Re: Re: [sarex] MIR

Hello Frank.

20 Feb 00 01:19, you wrote to ALL:

 FG> I live in an apartment and have had a ball with SunSat and AO-27 using
 FG> an HT and rubber duckie.  It's a real hoot to stand out on the Coney

I'm probably at the next level of "flexibility", in that the landlady here was
kind enough to let me put up an antenna in the only available spot, namely on
top of the TV antenna.  I manage RS-13 by using a mobile whip on a magnet mount
on the car which is parked just outside the door, and SO-35 is done with fully
portable gear.

 FG> Island boardwalk and work folks like VE6EGN and N7SFI most of the way
 FG> across the continent without long HF antennas and high power.  When
 FG> I've told experienced local hams like members of Long Island's "10-X"
 FG> microwave experimenters' group that I've made contacts like these on
 FG> an HT, they've been amazed.  And most of the people I've worked on the

Try SO-35 from a tram or train one day (yes, it's possible!).  I did that a
couple of times, and not only were the locals impressed, but the story got
picked up by a number of ham news services.

 FG> HF, despite its imitations, lacks challenge.  I worked a half-dozen
 FG> Japanese stations this evening with 100 watts and dipoles on 10 and 15
 FG>  meters this evening (Saturday).  I also worked two stations in the
 FG> Middle East (Cyprus and Lebanon) with a ground mounted vertical
 FG> without radials on 40 mtrs.  Is HF "too easy?"

It's what you make of it.  HF can be more of a challenge, if you go QRP
portable or otherwise put yourself in a more challenging situation (same goes
for those who find birds like SO-35 too "easy" for their taste, there are many
challenges for the creative).  I don't work much HF, because it's not my area
of interest, and I don't have the space for HF antennas anyway.

Anyway, RS-13 is due in 1/2 an hout, so I'd better get off the email. :-)


.. can anyone help me ?
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