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Re: [sarex] MIR

Hi Mike et. al...

>>If it were not for the easy sats, I, and many others, would not
even be on sats at all.  But perhaps that is what you are wishing
for anyway?<<

Well said!

I live in an apartment and have had a ball with SunSat and AO-27 using an HT 
and rubber duckie.  It's a real hoot to stand out on the Coney Island 
boardwalk and work folks like VE6EGN and N7SFI most of the way across the 
continent without long HF antennas and high power.  When I've told 
experienced local hams like members of Long Island's "10-X" microwave 
experimenters' group that I've made contacts like these on an HT, they've 
been amazed.  And most of the people I've worked on the "easy-sats" thus far 
have been experienced satellite enthusiasts like W2RS, N1JEZ, etc., not 
newbies like myself.

HF, despite its imitations, lacks challenge.  I worked a half-dozen 
Japanese stations this evening with 100 watts and dipoles on 10 and 15 
meters this evening (Saturday).  I also worked two stations in the Middle 
East (Cyprus and Lebanon) with a ground mounted vertical without radials on 
40 mtrs.  Is HF "too easy?"

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