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RE: Re: [sarex] MIR

I'm not talking basic nor outlandish, I'm talking what I see as a reasonably
consistent proposted station. Current ads have $1500 for an '847, $300 a pop
for pre-amps, $700 a pop for transverters and another $900 for a brick. Toss
antennas, feedlines and rotors onto that plus whatever blood and sweat is
required to get it all working and you can get a signal there and back.
Hardly inspiring if you're not made of money. I suppose I could swing
everything I'd need to do that in a year, more or less, given that I have
the '847 already, but even if I did, who would I expect to talk to when I'm
lucky to raise a QSO on the Fuji birds? More importantly, who's going to
continue to pay for a satellite program they're being squeezed out of for no
more apparent reason than politics? It's not going to kill anything or
anyone to make the thing available to those of us with, yes, more important
things to pay for such as mortgages, cars and kids. It will kill the program
not to.

Cellphones are dirt cheap because they make a bazillion of 'em every year.
Cell satellite time is relatively cheap ($4.50 a minute for Iridium) because
there's a bazillion people dividing up the cost of the satellites and their
upkeep. *Strength in numbers*.


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MarkG wrote:
> Amen! Move exclusively to digital and microwaves so you only need a little
> dish and $5000 in equipment and I'll find another hobby without so much as
> second thought...

Where did you get that number?

While it costs money to get on any mode, a basic but serviceable
L/S station shouldn't cost more than a tenth of that.

Sadly, the notion that high-tech == high-cost remains as wide-
spread in AMSAT as in other areas of ham radio. Makes me
wonder how manufacturers can roll out high-tech equipment
like portable digital phones, charge the pittance they do,
and manage to make any money...
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