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Going to Hell... ?

For those not familiar with Feld Hell, it is a analog text transmission
method that was developed in 1929 by Rudolf Hell. Using todays digital
signal processing technology, along with your computer sound card, one can
get on as easily as sound card SSTV or PSK. Software, as well as the history
of this mode, that's gaining a lot of amateur HF interest is available at
the following URL's.


or the newest URL, which is


Once downloaded and installed, try listening around 14.064 and I think you
will be surprised as to the number of folks joining in on this new found,
old digital mode.

I will be QRV (ready) on Feld Hell, AKA Fuzzy Mode, on the Sunday, February
20 afternoon passes of FO-20 and FO-29. To help lessen the doppler effect as
must as possible, I'll be using computer radio tuning  to hold a downlink
frequency of 435.880 MHz on  both FO birds.  After which I will QSY back to
20 meters and see what kind of weak signal DX is around. Twenty meters  is a
bit crowded this weekend with the CQWW CW DX contest going  but the digital
folks are still in there. Whoever said CW was dying , should listen down the
bottom end of the HF bands this weekend.

Here's your chance to check out something new to the amateur radio world and
have a bit of fun with it. Who knows, maybe you'll learn something along the
way too, and that's never a bad thing, either..

Hope to see you on the screen..  73 Keith N4Zq

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