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Re: Wisp Operation

At 07:46 AM 18-02-00 pst, w8aks@lightspeed.net wrote:
>I have an strange problem. I recently bought a computer system (NEC K6-500mhz).
>Wisp (Version 3213) will not run on it. The capability to change time from UTC
>to local and vice versa does not work, the tracking times are way off. I run
>the same version on my notebook (Compaq 333MHZ) with no problems. I use the
>notebook to compare against the NEC.
>I have a program called "moslow" which allows you to adjust your cpu speed.
>I've tried to adjust the speed on the NEC with no joy.
>Has anyone else experienced this problem or similar?
Hi Marty,

I have been experiencing similar problems and I'm beginning to suspect the
OS itself. My computer came with an early OEM version of Win95. WiSP would
not even give me all the setup screens until I put in the y2k update for
win95. Then the setup screens ran OK and WiSP is running but it still has
trouble with file de-compression and with setting of timers. I'm about to
load in a brand new version of win98 to see if it fixes the problem. If it
doesn't I'm out of ideas. Strange thing is ... most folk I talk to have had
no problems with WiSP32. Wish I could say the same. WiSP16 was bullet-proof
under the good-ol' Win 3.11.

Oh, well....

I hope you get to the bottom of your particular problem. I'll be watching
for replies.

Regards, Bill...vk3jt
Milawa, Australia.

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