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Re: Re: [sarex] MIR

Hello Douglas.

18 Feb 00 22:00, you wrote to ALL:

 DB> Ever seen a school kid looking at a picture just received from MIR
 DB> SSTV ? I have.

And I've seen a crowd gather around while I was working stations up to 3000 km
away via SO-35.  And the standard of questions they asked indicated a degree if
interest in what was going on.

 DB> Also, if Mode A is so outmoded, why is it so busy on RS-13 when I work
 DB> it?

I was surprised the other night when I noticed a few QSOs on RS-13 at 23:30
local time.  Mode A has the advantage that many hams already have the necessary
Rx, namely their HF box.  And 2 metres is the most likely band here (with the
possible exception of 6 metres, which has no satellite activity) from VHF up
that people will have or buy multimode gear for.

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