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The web page hasn't been updated since last monday, I've seen no additional
information.  Is it true that we lost the last communication system from the
Jawsat launch?

Asusat-1 - gone
Jawsat - gone
Opal - still there, but only telemetry (as designed)
Stensat - ???
Falconsat - Airforce use
Others - no info, I think they were telemeter based only

Bummer.  I'd be very curious of a postmortem.  It would be interesting
learnings.  But I'm sure that may not happen as there were too many
different groups and agendas.

Oh, well, sure hope there are more coming soon.  It was fun to jump into
Sats while all the activity was happening, just dissappointing that the
losses have happened.

Just my .02. - Alan

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