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RE: [sarex] MIR

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> Subject: Re: [sarex] MIR
> Mike is RIGHT-
> I just came from a ham radio meeting where the President of ARRL
> announced that the average ham is 52 yrs old. If we don't 
> keep low tech
> (and cost) approaches to this alive, we will run out of people to work
> any birds.  
> Ever seen a school kid looking at a picture just received 
> from MIR SSTV ?
> I have. 
> Also, if Mode A is so outmoded, why is it so busy on RS-13 when I work
> it?

Thanks for the support Doug.  Yep, those boyscouts sure liked
the SSTV pics from MIR, even if it was just a print-out from my
past work.

They also cannot wait to see them real time.  Several of them
have scanners, and computers.  What else do they need???

Maybe Cliff wants to be the last satellite operator in this world.
Not if I can help it.


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