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RE: Re: [sarex] MIR

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> From: Clifford Buttschardt [mailto:cbuttsch@slonet.org]
> Sent: Saturday, February 19, 2000 2:08 AM
> To: Michael P. Olbrisch
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>> Mike your way off base on this!  

Don't think so.

> Mode A was defunct years ago.  Mode J is just barely surviving.  

Was working last time I checked.  There will be several boyscouts
on the other side of the mountain here that will be very very
disappointed if somebody stole the easy-sats before the even
get a license.

> Dave is stating what we have known for years, that is that the 
> simplistic approach to satellites simply will not work!!

Hmmmmm.... then I have a shitload of simplistic and valueless
QSL cards dating back from Oscar-6

>      It is no different that trying to make a portrait painter out 
> of a house painter----there just is so much more involved. 

The portrait painter started somewhere, and it may have been
house painting.  Even Picaso started out somewhere.

> Otherwise we simply feed into the notion that more is better 
> and that the damn HT is really somethingother than a damn 
> fool toy, which it is!    Cliff K7RR

Well, I guess most of us just can't afford to start with an AO-10
class station as you did.  Guess you would have every satellite
be a P3D class or better now???

There is a place for SIMPLE systems, and these should be a place
where beginners can cheaply try satellite communications.
>From the several private replies I got, I would suppose that
most folks feel the same way.

On the other hand, there are MANY simple satellites up and
running now.  And AO-10 is sitting with one antenna in the
grave, and the other on a banana peel.  P3D is just sitting.

You know, maybe I do see your point.  If there were nothing
but AO-10 and P3D, and some other super-sats, all the beginners
who did not know how to track, or tune Doppler, or follow a QSO
could learn with the big boys.  Wow, the QRM and bedlam would
be something to listen to.  Carriers sweeping up and down on top
of your QSO, because the beginners didn't know how to find
their own downlink.  What fun.  Even you could help to teach them.

Yep, better a Porsche locked in the garage than a ford on the

If it were not for the easy sats, I, and many others, would not
even be on sats at all.  But perhaps that is what you are wishing
for anyway?

Type away, you'll not convince me that satellites MUST be
difficult and complicated to function, and that there is no
place in satellites for easy sats or beginners.  But feel free
to try  <GRIN>


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