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Re: [sarex] MIR

Mike is RIGHT-

I just came from a ham radio meeting where the President of ARRL
announced that the average ham is 52 yrs old. If we don't keep low tech
(and cost) approaches to this alive, we will run out of people to work
any birds.  

Ever seen a school kid looking at a picture just received from MIR SSTV ?
I have. 

Also, if Mode A is so outmoded, why is it so busy on RS-13 when I work

Yes, Cliff I have heard all your arguments about "appliance operators",
but I know  a good number of younger hams (including my son) digging into
the tech side of things
after an appliance type "what can I do on a 2M HT?" introduction.

On Fri, 18 Feb 2000 18:07:32 -0800 (PST) Clifford Buttschardt
<cbuttsch@slonet.org> writes:
>Mike your way off base on this!  Mode A was defunct years ago.  Mode J 
>just barely surviving.  Dave is stating what we have known for years, 
>is that the simplistic approach to satellites simply will not work!!
>     It is no different that trying to make a portrait painter out of 
>house painter----there just is so much more involved.  Either we 
>this law of Physics or we try and make EMT technicians into heart
>surgeons.  When we figure out that "real" ham radio is just this 
>then we might have a chance at improvement.  Otherwise we simply feed 
>the notion that more is better and that the damn HT is really 
>other than a damn fool toy, which it is!    Cliff K7RR
>On Sat, 19 Feb 2000, Michael P. Olbrisch wrote:
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>> > MIR and the ISS have so little to so with Amateur Radio, 
>> > Amateur Satellites that I look at them both as a hassle 
>> > rather than making any real contribution.  Working either of them 
>> > is just about as difficult as keying up your nearest repeater.
>> > 
>> > Ham satellite money wasted.
>> Yep... sure is!
>> As a matter of fact, what do we need mode A satellites for either.
>> Lets make them all just like AO-10.  That way there no rank
>> beginners will ever have a chance of getting a start in satellite
>> ops of any kind.  Preserves the frequencies for those of us who are
>> the true satellite operators.
>> I sure am glad that the whole world doesn't think alike, and I
>> am grateful that there are easy "repeaters" in the sky for the
>> beginners and kids to learn on.  My kids included.
>> Mike.
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