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RE: Re: [sarex] MIR

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> MIR and the ISS have so little to so with Amateur Radio, particularly 
> Amateur Satellites that I look at them both as a hassle 
> rather than making any real contribution.  Working either of them 
> is just about as difficult as keying up your nearest repeater.
> Ham satellite money wasted.

Yep... sure is!

As a matter of fact, what do we need mode A satellites for either.
Lets make them all just like AO-10.  That way there no rank
beginners will ever have a chance of getting a start in satellite
ops of any kind.  Preserves the frequencies for those of us who are
the true satellite operators.

I sure am glad that the whole world doesn't think alike, and I
am grateful that there are easy "repeaters" in the sky for the
beginners and kids to learn on.  My kids included.


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