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UO-36 S band opperations

This weekend, the UO-36 S band transmitter will be operated.  These
operations will generate a carrier at about 1W of TX power at 2401MHz.  The
spacecraft antenna is left hand circular polarisation.

Due to power constraints at this time, we can only support a few operations
as follows.

				19 February:
				Covers Canada, USA, Mexico and Caribean.

				Pass 1: 10 mins.
				ON: 	05h18		
				OFF:	05h28		

				20 February:
				Covers Australia, New Zealand, New Guinee
and for a short time Singapore and Borneo.

				Pass 2: 14 mins.
				ON:	00h00		AOS Melbourne
				OFF:	00h14		LOS Tasmania

				Pass 3: 14 mins.
				ON:	03h17		AOS Perth
				OFF:	03h31		LOS SW. Australia

				Covers most of Europe.

				Pass 4: 5 mins.
				ON: 	07h49		AOS Sicily
				OFF:	07h54		LOS Finland

*	All times UTC.
*	AOS and LOS locations not exact - roughly the positions where UO-36
will be on the horizon when switching on or off.

NOTE: If you are going to track UO-36, you are advised to use upt to date
keplerian elements as we have been doing a large number of small propulsion
system burns recently and old keps will be significantly wrong.

1 25693U 99021A   00049.20036272 -.00000111  00000-0  42406-5 0  1729
2 25693  64.5621 115.6192 0035844 315.4005  44.4216 14.73540884 44629

Chris G7UPN / ZL2TPO
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