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Re: New Kenwood Satellite Radio?

 > To:            markg@pptnet.com, amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
 > Date:          Thu, 17 Feb 2000 21:40:32 CST
 > Subject:       Re: [amsat-bb] New Kenwood Satellite Radio?
 > From:          joseph v murray <k0vty@juno.com>

 > Hi 
 > Assuming the 220 band would have been all mode how would it work for a up
 > or down link IF frequency for a converter on P3D upper bands?
 > Joe Murray K0VTY
 > =================

Dear Joe,

It would work quite well!  Lets say for example that your typical Joe Ham
has a decent HF rig and a 2 meter multimode.  How can he get on the
microwave bands with it?

One route would be to use a 2.4Ghz receive converter with a 220Mhz
IF.  Then use a 220Mhz transverter to the HF rig for a 28Mhz IF.  This
allows Joe to use his best receiver (his HF rig) and gives him another
VHF band.  One that badly needs some activity!

Why not convert 2.4Ghz directly to the 2 meter rig?  The reason is to
allow the 2M  radio to act as the transmit IF for a 1.2Ghz uplink transmitter.

Another route could be this:

You could use 222Mhz as the transmit IF up to 1.2Ghz and 2M or 70cm
as the receive down converter IF.  Keep in mind that you can't use 70cm
for the 1.2Ghz transmit IF due to third harmonic problems.  

Bottom line is that the more bands you have to use as IF's, the easier
time you have assembling a microwave station out of junk!

--73-- David WA0AUQ

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