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Re: Geostationary Satellites?

Hi Frank,
>A friend on a local repeater asked me an interesting question the other day.
>Why are there no "geostationary" amateur satellites?  Are any in the works?

There was one on the drawing board at AMSAT a few years ago. It was shelved
for a variety of reasons, mostly COST. In reality we are scraping the bottom
of the barrel to come up with the where-with-all to get a molnyia orbit bird
in the sky. The 'corporate-fund-raisers' of AMSAT have done a great job with
P3D but it seems many users are very reluctant to contribute. Probably a GEO
would require an unrealistic contribution from EVERY satellite user. In
other words, that way of funding is not on. Perhaps someone in the know
could work it out and surprise everyone :)

Another problem was that to get world-wide coverage you would need THREE
such birds all interlinked. That made the project even more unlikely. For a
while it looked like going ahead with just one satellite. BUT... where do
you put it? Somewhere over the mid-atlantic ocean would cover Europe and
North/South America and Africa but what about the rest of the world? You
couldn't expect to get contributor funding from the large slice of the world
with no coverage.

I think it unlikely the plans will ever see the light of day again (sadly).

Regards, Bill..vk3jt
Milawa, Australia.

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