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Re: New Kenwood Satellite Radio?

Hello Clinton.

17 Feb 00 23:17, you wrote to Tony Langdon:

 CH>  As far as I know, only the United States has any Amateur operation in
 CH> the 220 MHz band. But I hear that the European version of the Yaesu

Would be nice to have it here too, but I guess some people out in the country
do use channel 11 for TV (and the neighbouring channel 10 would cop a heap of
overload in the cities!).

 CH> FT-847 has 4 meters (70 MHz), transmit in it. That's in our VHF TV
 CH> band, and near the remote controlled cars I believe. I'm sure it

Good point....

 CH> wouldn't be hard for "big three" to add in transmit here and there. I

With today's technology it shouldn't be too hard.

 CH> wonder if some rigs don't transmit on the upper portion of 75 metes?
 CH> I
 CH> hear that many countries/regions do not allow Amateurs to transmit
 CH> above 3.900 MHz. Here we have from 3.500 to 4.000 MHz for 80/7

We get a lot less than that here. :(

The current trend is towards less and less spectrum over here.  Auctions and
comercial interests are eating into the bands.

Anyway, let's get back to the satellites. :-)


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