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Re: Transverters with *70cm* IF's

Hello Claus.

18 Feb 00 01:38, you wrote to Tony Langdon:

 CW> I do plan a 2m/70cm antenna to hrer for the use of
 CW> AO-27/SO-35/Fuji-20/29/Stensat
 CW> and what ever will come up soon...hi. I was thinking of a combined
 CW> Yagi in to planes but i am still looking for a 70 cm design not too
 CW> heavy weighted. The 2m 4ele i have in mind will be ZERLEGBAR to
 CW> ERLEICHTERN tranport at portable operation i want to use it mostly
 CW> (fielddays etc.) What kind of antenna/combination did you think of ??

For 70, I'm looking at K5OE's Texas Potato Masher II, as it's very light
(though slightly bulky).  On 2m, it may wind up being an ordinary 2 elemant


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