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Henry Chamberlain ZS1AAZ has provided the following Schedule:

G4AJG/4S7PE, Peter Perera, will be in Sri Lanka for the next three
weekends and we are making Sunsat available for operations there.

SO35 continues in mode B with the Uplink frequency is  437,290 MHZ FM
plus and minus 9kHz Doppler shift and the downlink is 145,825 FM.

For newcomers: set the uplink to 437,285 at the start of the pass and
gradually increase the freqency till it reaches 437,295 MHz. If your
transceiver has enough memory possitions, programme the memory with
small increments.


There will be a special event station on 26 February 2000, run by the
District Radio Club in Australia.  Two successive passes will be made 
available for this event.  Contact person is Tony Langdon, VK3JED.

During the passes over the RSA on 26 and 27 February, Sunsat's parrot
repeater will be activated.  Uplink and downlink frequency will be
145,825 MHzFM.  Sunsat SO35 will transmit a single tone burst, after
which there will be a ten second period during which incoming signals
will be digitised and stored.  Then a double tone burst will be
transmitted, followed by a 10 second replay of the recorded signals. 
The cycle will then be repeated. If there is a demand the parrot
operation can be repeated else where in the world. Drop an Email to

All other passes will be 436,290 uplink, and 145,825 downlink.All times
are UTC

19 February 2000

Australia:                      00:13 to 00:27
Sri Lanka                       03:37 to 04:01
RSA                             06:56 to 07:10
USA                             15:34 to 15:48

19/20 February 2000
Japan                 		23:53 to 00:07
Sri Lanka                       03:06 to 03:20
RSA                             07:54 to 08:08
Europe                 		06:37 to 06:51

25/26 February 2000

Australia                       22:51 to 23:05          Special event
Australia                       00:30 to 00:44          Special event
Sri Lanka                       04:04 to 04:18
RSA                             07:13 to 07:27          Parrot Repeater

27 February 2000

Japan                   	00:12 to 00:26
Sri Lanka                       03:24 to 03:38
RSA                             08:12 to 08:26          Parrot Repeater
USA                             15:12 to 15:26

4 March 2000

Sri Lanka                       02:43 to 02:57
RSA                             07:31 to 07:45
Europe                 		07:54 to 08:08
USA                             14:30 to 14:44

5 March 2000

Sri Lanka                       03:42 to 03:56
RSA                             06:51 to 07:05
Europe                 		07:14 to 07:28
South America   		13:33 to 13:47

Special Events

The SUNSAT S)35 team will consider special events. Please send a
detailed request to SAAMSAT@intekom.co.za well in advance (3 - 4 weeks).
Please describe the event and supply a programme.


SA AMSAT has introduced a SUNSAT Operating Award to reward stations for
the number of contacts they have made with individual stations.

There are three categories: Bronze for 25 contacts. Silver for 50
contacts and Gold for 100 contacts. The objective is to work as many
different callsigns as possible with the restriction that only one
contact per pass may be claimed for the Award. No duplicate contacts are
allowed, a station qualifies only once.

To claim the award applicants must submit a copy of their log, verified
by the chairman of a local Radio Club or two Amateurs to SA AMSAT, P O
Box 1842, Hillcrest 3650 South Africa There will additional surprises
for the first 3 successful applications.

Short-wave Listeners may also apply for the award. Their logs must
include the callsigns of both  the stations monitored.

The cost of the award is $5 or 5IRC's to cover postage.

Good luck


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