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Re: [STENSAT] Spurious signals vs. STENSAT

Hello John.

13 Feb 00 13:49, you wrote to ALL:

 JM> In my past posting, i reported such problems with my Alinco HT.  Alas,
 JM> the Yaesu 736R exhibited the same spurious signals this morning that i
 JM> observed Saturday night.  Unlike my first observation, it did not show
 JM> doppler nor disappear after end of pass.  I did hear a couple of 9k6
 JM> packet bursts during a couple of brief stops at 437.100 +/- (but
 JM> nothing heard during comparable visits to the JAWSAT frequencies).
 JM> Now, i am using a Larsen 2m/70cm diplexer, since my antenna is a
 JM> dual-band antenna (approx. 50 direct feed in both bands), and the same
 JM> design was used with both rigs.  I'm not convinced that these 'spurs',
 JM> which show up for me at 436.633, would show up with an antenna which
 JM> has separate feeds for each band, such as an Arrow, or an AO-10 class
 JM> antenna system. I would be interested in hearing if anyone has
 JM> observed the same 'spurs', so i can find it if it might be related to
 JM> my antenna design.

I noted similar issues when I put my Tx and Rx antennas very close together,
and the spur in my case was very close to 436.625 MHz.  However, I was able to
quickly discount it as a Stensat signal because it showed no signs of the
expected Doppler shift over a 5-10 minute observation period.  And I was able
to get the same result when the bird was below the horizon.

On one occasion, I also checked my receiving setup on OPAL, which was clearly
heard on 437.100.


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