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Re: ao-10 contact

Hi John,

>I did basically the same thing on AO-6, but installed a key jack so I
>could send better
>CW! <snip> The  CW signal was awful!  Everybody I worked can
>testify to that,

You can say that again, so was mine :)

It's good to meet another satellite ol' timer. I had an interesting
experience recently when a friend, Yoshi Takayashu was visiting and the
conversation got around to the SPUTNIK replica which was flying at the time.
He was astonished when I played him my original recording of the signal from
the original SPUTNIK-1 from 20 MHz some 40 years earlier. 

Then to MY astonishment, with a 'flick-of-the-wrist' of modern technology he
immediately uploaded a wav file of the recording onto the AMSAT-JA web site
along with details of my old Eddystone RX which was used to make the
recording. Mobile phone hooked up to a very flash looking lap-top and away
it went.

A far cry from the 'good-ol'-days' but we certainly had a lot of fun.

73, Bill...vk3jt
Milawa Australia.

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