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Re: Help with TONNA 2x19el

Hi ,
Quoted directly from the manual,
Phasing Line Lengths
Proposed line lengths only apply if velocity factor is 0.66 (RG213/U or 
H line length 2503 mm (98" 9/16) For top of mast mounting or group of four
V line length 1485 mm (97" 13/16) with 1.4m spacing between antennas

H line length 2958 mm (116" 7/16) For mounting with a 2x9 ele crossed
V line length 2940 mm (115" 3/4)   yagi,on a 3 m long horizontal mast
Care should be taken as to respect the length difference LV-LH: which is 18mm
or 7/8 of an inch.
Hope this helps if not email me direct and i will scan the entire manual 
and send it to you
At 19:11 2000-02-14 +0000, you wrote:
>Hello Dan,
>thanks for reading this message. I am in process of repairing my 2x19el
>crossed yagi from TONNA ( F9FT ). I am about to assemble the phasing
>lines for propper RHCP operation.

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