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StenSat - something to try...


Discounting signal reports that appear to be spurious local emissions, 
there have been a few reports of stations copying a weak signal that is not 

Nominally StenSat should power up in telemetry mode after every watch dog 
reset or battery discharge.  In this mode StenSat transmits a AX.25 packet 
every 5 seconds and the output of the receiver is squelched.

During testing of StenSat we made some rather late changes to the audio 
mixer that feeds the AX.25 and CW telemetry from the controller unit to the 
transmitter.  It may be possible that this circuit has failed and that no 
telemetry is being transmitted but that an un-modulated carrier is being 
transmitted instead.  To test this theory, i'd like request that stations 
try to place StenSat into voice transponder mode by issuing the DTMF 
command below and then transmitting a modulated uplink signal.

The DTMF command for placing StenSat into transponder (repeater) mode is:


Thanks for all the help and support.

-Hank Heidt N4AFL

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