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Re: software on Sunsat SO-35

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>Sorry.   My suggestion to collectively pool our individually received
>downlink packets from the Imaging satellites to rebuild complete files on
>the ground has nothing to do with APRS at all.
>It was simply a suggestion of how easy it would be to apply diversity
>reception techniques to amateur satellite downlinks of bulk data
>using multiple internet linked receive sites..
>Yes, Steve Dimse's software is called "APRServe" but its main function
>to COLLECT, DUPE-CHECK, and REDISTRIBUTE multiple amatuer packet radio
>streams LIVE, Worldwide, has nothing unique to do with APRS.  APRS just
>happens to "use" his site for "distributing" their packets... He has also
>welcomed any low rate experimental feeds for amateur satellites, such as
>what we did with the 1200 baud MIR..
>But in the long run, of course, any 9600 baud feeds would need to be moved
>to a different IP site so as not to overload his site with non-APRS
>packets, and it should be re-done to use 8-bit instead of 7-bit TELNET
>protocol.  He has made his software available to anyone for collecting/
>distributing packets for other similar amateur radio projects, not just
>Just because it has "APRS" in the name, don't tar its potential with the
>same brush...  It is only the "pipe"...
>de WB4APR, Bob

Makes sense to me.
In fact that is so clear Ray Charles could see it.


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