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Re: DSP software on Sunsat SO-35 (fwd)

> Bob, I can't speak for every ham but I'm in ham radio for ME. I want the
> challenge to make the contact with the bird, I want the challenge to build MY
> ham RADIO station. I don't want nor do I need for you or any other ham to make
> my contact.... Your APRS or what ever, is NOT FOR EVERY HAM,   OK ?<
> Please I'm damn tired of how APRS is the do everything and save the
> world for ham radio operators... I'm tired of hearing about how APRS is
> the answer to every thing. PLEASE give it and us a break...

Sorry.   My suggestion to collectively pool our individually received
downlink packets from the Imaging satellites to rebuild complete files on
the ground has nothing to do with APRS at all. 

It was simply a suggestion of how easy it would be to apply diversity
reception techniques to amateur satellite downlinks of bulk data
using multiple internet linked receive sites..

Yes, Steve Dimse's software is called "APRServe" but its main function
to COLLECT, DUPE-CHECK, and REDISTRIBUTE multiple amatuer packet radio
streams LIVE, Worldwide, has nothing unique to do with APRS.  APRS just
happens to "use" his site for "distributing" their packets... He has also
welcomed any low rate experimental feeds for amateur satellites, such as
what we did with the 1200 baud MIR..

But in the long run, of course, any 9600 baud feeds would need to be moved
to a different IP site so as not to overload his site with non-APRS
packets, and it should be re-done to use 8-bit instead of 7-bit TELNET
protocol.  He has made his software available to anyone for collecting/ 
distributing packets for other similar amateur radio projects, not just

Just because it has "APRS" in the name, don't tar its potential with the
same brush...  It is only the "pipe"...

de WB4APR, Bob

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