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Re: DSP software on Sunsat SO-35

Bob Bruninga wrote:

> Why be limited to just 40 minutes a day?  When you could have 6 hours
> or more?  With just four  people in the USA, one in the UK,
> one in Australia, one in Hawaii, one in Japan  and a few other places with
> simple Kenwood THD7 walkie-talkies and their build-in 9600 baud TNC's
> we can provide as much as 6 hours a day or more of downlink
> connectivity to our amateur satellites.... Its trivial to
> couple the output of the walkietalkie to the internet so that any
> satellite operator can get live feeds from other hams anywhere on earth
> that the internet goes...

You need a couple of things to make something like this work:

   - a means for a station to find out, prior to AOS, what would
     be useful to download ("What do you need...")

   - a means for a station to distribute the proceeds of the
     pass to interested parties ("Here's what I've got...")

Both are straightforward. Hmmm...(the sound of an electric grape :-)
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