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Re: Peltier Junctions

A few weeks ago I wrote:
> > Has anyone looked at using Peltier junctions to generte additional
> > electricity from the temperature gradient from the front to the back of a
> > solar panel?

Yesterday I finally got around to a brief test with ice cubes and my stove
and found that with one junction I got 3 volts at over 300ma or almost a
full watt with a temperature gradient of probably about 60 deg F. (90 to
60).  Might be a nice experiment to sandwitch 3 of these between the solar
panel and the satellite for extra power.

But the down side is that you will be allowing your solar panels to get
hotter for the sake of the needed temperature gradient and will thus
shorten their life and reduce their power output.  Probably a 0 gain sum.

But if you do have some insulated "hot" sides on your spacecraft, then
this could be of value...

de WB4APR, Bob

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