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Conductive paint

Hi Fellows,

Does anyone know of a source for electrically conductive paint?  For
sometime I have had the annoying problem of RF getting into my PC
speakers.  Every time the radios key up there is a healthy thump from the
speakers depending on the antenna orientation.  I have completely filtered
all inputs to the small speaker amplifier in one of the speaker cabinets
with no appearent improvement.  Since then I temporarily used some foil
inside the speaker cabinet and this had considerable success in getting rid
of the RF.  So the RF is being directly radiated into the amplifier,
bypassing the filtering on the inputs.  I want to get some conductive paint
and paint the insides of the speaker cabinet to provide the shielding.  I
have looked into adhesive copper foil, but the inside of the cabinet is
difficult to get into with the foil.


73, Roy

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