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Re: DSP software on Sunsat SO-35

Hello Bob.

13 Feb 00 18:40, you wrote to Johann Lochner:

 BB> Similarly, we could VASTLY improve the downlinks of bulk files from
 BB> our existing pacsats if we didnt try to download the same files to
 BB> every ground station, but just let everyone pool their captures
 BB> together.  This would permit a 10 fold improvement in data throughput
 BB> or more... (unless someone is already doing this)...
 BB> Yes, the PACSAT PROTOCOL is very effecient, but it still is delivering
 BB> identical copies of every single byte in every different footprint
 BB> worldwide.  Yes this IS REQUIRED for isolated stations without
 BB> internet connectivity.  But if we only had 4 stations in the USA
 BB> "pooling" their downlink captures, then you would have a 99.99% chance
 BB> of getting every file in only ONE transmission (assuming they get 90%
 BB> each normally)

This would require the implementation of some form of multicasting, such as
exists in TCP/IP, and some mechanism to manage who's involved in the sessions
(such as IGMP does in the TCP/IP world).

Might be an interesting experiment.


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