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Re: Re: AO-10 contact

Hello William.

14 Feb 00 08:51, you wrote to ALL:

 WM> Bit of nostalgia on reading this thread.
 WM> My very first satellite QSO was on oscar-6 back in late 1972.
 WM> Transmitting on 2 metres with an ancient FM box.

I used to read the accounts of the early days.  Unfortunately, I wouldn't have
been able to take part (I don't think I'd have passed the exam as a toddler!
:-) ).

 WM> Ground plane antenna on the chimney.
 WM> Sending s-l-o-w CW on the microphone button.
 WM> Holding hand over the mike to prevent modulation.
 WM> Listening on a Collins 51J-4 receiver on 10 metres.
 WM> Indoor 10 metre dipole.

Well, as long as it worked.  :-)

 WM> (FM via a linear transponder was considered 'bad-form' in those days).

Still is these days too, from what I can tell.

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