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Re: AO-10 contact

>From Tony:
>Interesting contact! :-)  I've never tried keying the PTT, except for testing
>portable gear. 

Bit of nostalgia on reading this thread.
My very first satellite QSO was on oscar-6 back in late 1972.
Transmitting on 2 metres with an ancient FM box.
Ground plane antenna on the chimney.
Sending s-l-o-w CW on the microphone button.
Holding hand over the mike to prevent modulation.
Listening on a Collins 51J-4 receiver on 10 metres.
Indoor 10 metre dipole.
Made contact with vk3blw who was using a similar setup
but had the luxury of an early ICOM all-mode rig so he
could send 'genuine' CW.

(FM via a linear transponder was considered 'bad-form' in those days).

Regards, Bill...vk3jt
Milawa, Australia

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