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Re: Contacts on AO-10

Hi Ried.

Realizing I am opening myself up to be shot down in flames, I will 
nevertheless make the following observation/suggestion:

First I look to see if the footprint of AO-10 and the footprint of the sun 
are overlapping on my Instantrack,i.e., can the bird see the sun? If so, I 
listen for the beacon at .805 to .812 . If I can hear the beacon better than 
1 S-unit above the noise, then I go hunting for signals up around .900.

I note the distance. Anything over 35000 km and I know that CW is more likely 
to be successful than SSB.

Many of the contacts lately have been during perigee (low) passes, when the 
bird is 10000 km or lower, and signals (between those fades) are S-9 and 

There are more sophisticated ways to determine if the sat. is in eclipse, but 
that's mine.

Mike, W1BFN

Think P3D
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