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Re: AO-10 Contact

Hello K5OE@aol.com.

12 Feb 00 14:41, you wrote to ALL:

 KO> Anyway, to make it short, a receiver smaller than a deck of cards, a
 KO> run-of-the-mill dual-band FM mobile, a hand held antenna, and a new
 KO> country.  Like they say, I'd rather be lucky than good. 73, Jerry,

Interesting contact! :-)  I've never tried keying the PTT, except for testing
portable gear.  My problem with RS-13 is the Rx on the downlink.  I'm still
waiting for the 10m box to arrive in the shop. :-(

On another note, tried to listen for Stensat at approx 0900z tonight on a 50
degree pass.  Nothing heard.  OPAL was loud and clear.  I tried some test
transmissions on the uplink frequency, but heard nothing coming back.

Might have to dig out the old 70cm beam from the shed. :-)


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