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Re: STS-99 Keps and CVITK

At 10:50 PM 2/12/00 -0800, Peter A. Klein wrote:
>The STS-99 keps Paul mentioned at
> >http://www.amsat.org/amsat/sarex/orbit.html
>don't seem to work with CVITK without a little editing.

I was afraid there might be some lurking problems like that with CVITK. That's why I haven't adopted it as an official fix for InstantTrack or promoted it very much.

Just to keep everybody teased, those keps work fine in the current beta test version of InstantTrack. The new version has been under active test for the last two weeks, by a great group of beta testers all over the world. I still don't have a specific delivery date to promise, but it should be "soon".

73  -Paul

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