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Re: CQ VKs in AO10 de XE2YVW

Hello Costa,

Regarding your message below:  You have the right idea, but on Oscar 10, 
about 90 percent of the time there's nobody on.  Too bad!  But  just
putting out
a general message to try to stir up some activity is not so bad in my

You speak of  it being almost like the telephone, well here in the USA
there has 
been some criticism of stations actually being on the phone with the
other station
at the time of the "on the air" QSO!!!!!   Like when they are trying to
set some kind 
of DX record on some exotic microwave band or something.  That doesn't
like much sport to me either!

Have you ever listened to the "DX Nets" on H.F. ?  That really is  AWFUL!
 But people
do it, they get QSL's, they get DXCC credit.  What can you say?  

I agree, it's much more fun to just "catch them", but when there's nobody
to catch,
you have to throw out some bait!

See you on the bird, OM!

John, K6YK


On Thu, 10 Feb 2000 00:48:31 +0100 Francisco Costa
<nop06152@mail.telepac.pt> writes:
>Is there any "DXCC Sked Award"???
>If so, Al is going to be one of the first to get it ;)
>Ok, I know it's not ilegal to sked QSO's, but is it ethical????
>I have my doubts...
>Personaly I never sked a QSO, although I have replied to
>everyone who have asked me to do it.
>I think part of radio fun is to "catch them"! Otherwise it
>look's more like a "telephone call: you just have to dial!"
>Well, I guess it depends on personal standards, but I just want 
>to let you all know my opinion. Please feel free to comment it.
>Best 73
>F.Costa, CT1EAT

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